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Cyclic September 08, 2016 by Bobby Rowland

Beginning with an end. Change is the story line. Perception and senses are the narrators. Interpretations define the characters. Same source, alternating manuscripts. All participants taking and feeding queues. A thread of events. Seemingly independent. Always in unison. Perpetual cause and effect. Receive cause, deliver effect. With or without intention. When challenged, the thread gets thin. The air gets dry. A match is lit. The ashes settle. Change is the story line. Ending with a beginning.

My second solo exhibit in Elgin, Illinois. Portraying ideas of change, rebirth, and mindfulness. Exploring the thoughts, ideas, dreams, and fuck ups that have brought me to where I am in my painting career. I'm displaying a few new pieces and a couple old ones that I've never displayed in a show. It's always a really strange feeling to see all of my work side by side and remember where I was at when I painted each one. Check points and snap shots that have lead me to this very moment I find myself in right now as I write one of my rare blog posts. If you live in the Elgin area, come out and check out the show. I promise I won't disappoint.

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