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Bobby Rowland

    Painting has transformed my life and continues to every day. I shift between illustrative, representational, and abstract painting. I enjoy utilizing heavily saturated colors, abstract movement, and interesting texture. I’ve found that the more I screw up a painting, the happier I am with it in the end. Within the time it takes to consider something “done”, it inevitably builds up layers and where there’s layers, there’s depth and a story. 

   The more I paint, I realize what I enjoy most about painting is the time it captures. Every decision made in the painting is subtly influenced by life's factors, which makes every finished piece important in its own way. The painting may have a specific message, but entwined in its dna is the story of when and how it was painted.

   The excitement of a fresh idea and a little bit of uncertainty are currently my biggest sources of inspiration. The process of making a painting or sculpture work keeps me motivated and focused to see its final stages. Finishing a project and knowing there's nothing left to do to it, is sort of an indescribable feeling. An affirmation that continues to inspire and encourage me to go after every weird and misguided idea I have.

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